Hannah McCulloch - our "new" English assistant!

Jedes Jahr geniessen wir in der englischer Abteilung die Gesellschaft und Unterstützung von einem Assistent bzw von einer Assistentin mit englisch als Muttersprache.



Dieses Jahr haben wir das Glück ein bekanntes Gesicht wieder zu sehen - Hannah McCulloch. Die Klasse 6d durfte Hannah über ihr Leben befragen und sie hat eine von diesen Biographien ausgewählt.



Here’s a short biography of Hannah McCulloch, the new English assistant. In fact, she isn’t really new because she lived and taught here from 2010 – 2012! First, the general information about her. Although she was born in Plymouth, England on April 8th in 1986, she’s technically British, but she feels more Scottish. Well, after that, she lived in Scotland and studied there,too. She studied in two universities, both in Glasgow, the first called Strathclyde, the second was the University of Glasgow. There she studied French, history and education.

After being here in Switzerland, she moved to Budapest to become an English teacher. Then afterwards she lived in Paris fior three years. However, she didn’t really appreciate it bcause it’s very dirty and busy. Anyway, it was an interesting experience to live in such a big city. Now she’s here in Switzerland, in Trogen. Why does someone come from Paris to Trogen? It doesn’t matter because she lives in St Gallen from now on – and that’s not too bad!


Autor: Cedric Gehrer 6d

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